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What is ManiFeast?

ManiFeast is a community platform that empowers BIPOC professionals guided by these principles:


  • (Nurture) Provide helpful resources for professional development and personal growth 

  • (Inspire) Curate relevant & motivational content

  • (Connect) Create meaningful and memorable interactions 

  • (Elevate) Cultivate authentic opportunities for community building, collaboration and networking 


In case you've missed any of our live events...

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Meet Team Mani-Feast


Kim Rickards

  • Instagram

With over 10 years of administrative experience to C-Suite Executives in Entertainment, Finance, Sales & Tech; I created Mani-Feast to authentically connect professionals of color over great food/cocktails by having intentional conversations that build community and diversify company talent pools.  


Valentina Hannon

  • Instagram

As Director of Operations, I'm onboard to empower professionals with the essential knowledge & connections needed to pursue dream careers and turn passion projects into sustainable businesses.

Mani-Feast is changing the game and there are no limits!


Krystle Sylvester

  • Instagram

As Director of Events, I've turned many great ideas into successful experiences including my wedding!

I am excited to bring Mani-Feast to the community and create the environment for the next generation of people hungry to change this world.

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